Simeon & Anna – Welcome to Simeon & Anna.  This group is mostly adults aged 55 and older who meet weekly, on Wednesday at 12pm in the Fellowship Hall.  We support one another, enjoy fellowship with one another, and go on occasional trips together and participate in mission projects together.  Each week we study a lesson and share our thoughts and reflections and very often we then go out for lunch together.  This small group ministry has been happening and making a difference for more than 20 years.  Join us!  Coordinator is Joyce Kline.

Emmaus Community – Union Chapel is home to a large “Walk to Emmaus” community.  The Walk to Emmaus is a non-denominational organization that invites people to spend a 72 hour period, over one weekend at a retreat setting, to connect with the love of God in Jesus Christ.  It is very often life transforming and faith grounding.  If you would like to know more, please contact Kip Omps or Debbie Weiss.

Changing Seasons Women’s Group – Open to all women, this group meets on Tuesdays at 10:30am each week and they study, share, pray, fellowship and support one another.  This is an active, lively, and faith filled group of women.  Join us!  Coordinator is Terri Morgan.

Men’s Group – Open to all men, we gather each Thursday morning at 9am in the Fellowship Hall and we study the scriptures, usually a book at a time, and we discuss the meaning and application to our lives.  We also pray and support one another.  Join us!  Coordinator is Harry Weiss.

Exercise Group – Meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10am to 11am in the Fellowship Hall.  Open to men and women.  Join us!  Coordinator is Ratih Hughes

Run for God Group – When the weather is fair to good, we meet at Cacapon State Park tennis courts and we walk / run / train for upcoming 5K events, share a devotion and encourage one another.  Walkers are welcome! (Will begin again after Easter).

Tuesdays & Thursdays Walking Group – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am. Meeting at the Cacapon State Park tennis courts.  (Will start up again after Easter).