Free Hot Meal Ministry – Helping people who are hungry. The last Thursday of each month we offer a free hot meal to anyone in the community.  Come out and help cook, donate food items, or just come and meet and welcome people.  Coordinator Debbie Melson.

D.C. Homeless Mission – Helping the homeless in our nation’s capital.  The last Sunday of each month we load up the church van with clothing, food and drinks, health kits, blankets and shoes and we share these items with the homeless in Washington, D.C.  We usually serve between 80 to 120 homeless people each trip.  Rewarding, humbling, and inspirational is what many have said who have gone on this trip.  Donate food, clothing, money, or your time, definitely your prayers.  Coordinator Arnie Stotler.

Operation Christmas Child / Shoebox – Working with Samaritans Purse, this ministry can be done by everyone!  Pack a shoebox full of approved items for children all around the world at Christmas time and your box of gifts and the story of Jesus and his love will be shared with them!  Travel to a distribution center and help sort and ship the boxes around the world.  Coordinator Debbie Weiss.

Angel Tree Project – Working with our local “Starting Points” we gather gifts for several needy families in our immediate area.  It may be the only gifts these children receive.  Each November we begin anew.  Coordinator Becky Stotler.

Rise Against Hunger – Each year we raise enough money to purchase the dry food materials needed to package 10,000 to 15,000 meals for the hungry of the world.  We partner with the organization called, “Rise Against Hunger,” and through their leadership, on site at Union Chapel, we come together to package the meals in an incredible fun environment in two to three hours.  Someone said, “This is the best thing we do!”  The event usually takes place in August each year.  Coordinator is Sheryl Heydt.

Annual Holiday Meal – Each year we host a community Holiday Meal for anyone, especially those who lonely and hungry, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Open to all, we want to feed those who are hungry for food and fellowship.  Sometimes as many as 300 people come to the event.  Please join us and help and you will be blessed!  Coordinator Deb Melson.

Goodwill Fund – Meeting the financial needs of residents of Morgan County West Virginia.  Over the years the Goodwill Fund has provided thousands of dollars to people who are in need and falling short.  This fund is generated from giving from the people of Union Chapel UMC.  Please give.Community Missions – We also coordinate and help supply items and volunteers hours for several missions in our community that serve so many.  They include MCIEC Food Bank, Backpack Program, and Starting Points. Coordinators Pat Long, Julie Vogel and Paul Kline.

UMCOR – Partnering with The United Methodist Church to meet the needs of people around the world during times of natural and manmade disasters.

Missions Activities

GOODWILL FUND: Collected on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month
BACKPACKERS MISSON: 2nd Thursday of each month (during school year)
SAVE THE GIRLS: Items collected in Narthex. See Joyce Kline for more details 304-258-5199
STARTING POINTS: 2nd Monday of each month from 1-5 pm and 4th Tuesday of each month 3-5 pm

WV EMMAUS REUNION GROUP MEETINGS: 1st Thursday and 3rd Thursday of each Month at Union Chapel at 6 pm.  
WASHINGTON DC HOMELESS TRIP: Last Sunday of each month (Monthly Meal List on Mission Page)